July 14 through August 19th


Welcome to our 15th Anniversary Season! All the information you need can be found on this site - use the Buy Tickets tab to view a Calendar of Performances and a link will take you to to purchase your tickets online. You can buy your tickets at the gate as well.

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Here's a brief summary of the season that you'll find on the Buy Tickets calendar. Enjoy the show!

At the Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre:

All evening performances begin at 7:00pm; Sunday matinee performances begin at 4:00pm

Friday, July 14  Edward II  (ED)

Saturday, July 15  The Comedy of Errors  (CE)

Friday, July 21  CE

Saturday, July 22  ED

Sunday, July 23 CE (matinee)

Thursday, July 27  CE

Friday, July 28  ED

Saturday, July 29 Iron Man Festival:    CE  1pm
                                                             Once Upon a Shakespearean Tale  4pm
                                                             ED  7pm

Thursday, August 3  ED

Friday, August 4  CE

Saturday, August 5  ED

Sunday, August 6  CE  (matinee)

Thursday, August 10  CE

Friday, August 11  ED

Saturday, August 12  CE

Sunday, August 13  ED  (matinee)

Thursday, August 17  ED

Friday, August 18  CE  (last performance)

Saturday, August 19  ED (Closing Night)


Shakespeare in the Park (Touring Show): Once Upon a Shakespearean Tale

Sunday, June 11, Fairhaven Village Green, Fairhaven  2pm

Saturday, June 24, Gilkey Square, La Conner, 2pm

Sunday, June 25, Hillcrest Park, Mount Vernon  2pm and ACT Annex, Anacortes  6pm

Sunday, July 16, Seattle Outdoor Theatre Festival  4pm

Saturday, July 29, Iron Man Festival, Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre  4pm

Once he makes it public, King Edward's affair will defy the law, ignite his nobles, and leave a wake of destruction in its path. But what is he willing to sacrifice for love and principle? -Contains Adult Content-

The Comedy of Errors
Two sets of twins, separated at birth, stumble back into each other's lives in the midst of two cities at odds with each other.  Mistaken identity, slapstick humor, and wild coincidences run rampant in Shakespeare's classic farce.

Once Upon a Shakespearean Tale: What if William Shakespeare had written children’s stories? Three fairy tales from around the world combined with some of the Bard’s finest plays create a
fun collection of clever cautionary tales, original fables, and remastered nursery rhymes for the little big kid in all of us!