Shakespeare in the Park - Free Touring Show

Shakespeare in the Park - Free Touring Show

Verily I say unto thee, ‘curiouser and curiouser’.  The time has come, good gentle friends, to talk of Shakespeare things!  This summer, Shakespeare Northwest cordially invites you to attend a FREE performance of our Parks Show – “Shakespeare’s Wonderland." This is an original work in which Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole finds the strange world of Wonderland inhabited by characters even stranger than its usual suspects. Imagine a Caterpillar Polonius…Hamlet, the Mad Hatter…Lady MacBeth as the March Hare…plus a myriad of other cross-cast characters!  Add to that two bickering authors and the stage is set for some delightful hijinks to be enjoyed ‘all on a summer’s afternoon.' So, pray, good gentles, journey forth with us to “Shakespeare’s Wonderland”… or the ‘Queen’ will have your head.

"Shakespeare's Wonderland" is written by Carolyn Travis and directed by James Brown. It will be presented by Shakespeare Northwest in several parks throughout June and July from Bellingham to Seattle as well as part of our annual Iron Man festivities. Here's the schedule (subject to change - always check our website and Facebook page for updates):

Shakespeare’s Wonderland
​List of Show Dates & Performance Times


Sat., June 11              Mayor’s Wellness, Vaux Retreat Ctr., Mount Vernon @ 6:30pm

Sun, June 12              Fairhaven Green, Bellingham @ 1pm & ACT Annex, Anacortes @ 6pm

Sat, June 18               Lincoln Theatre/Mount Vernon City Library’s Summer Reading Kick-
                                      Off @1pm

Sat, June 25               Gilkey Square, La Conner @ 2pm

Sun, June 26              Maiben Park, Burlington @ 1p, & Hillcrest Park, Mount Vernon @ 4pm

Sun, July 10               Seattle Outdoor Theatre Festival, Volunteer Park Museum Lawn @

Sat, July 30                Iron Man, Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre @ 4p


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Annual Skagit River Shakespeare Festival

Annual Skagit River Shakespeare Festival

We are pleased to announce our 2016 Skagit River Shakespeare Festival season:

Cymbeline, directed by Danny Herter 

"This rarely seen but hilarious romance is a whirlwind adventure of love and deception from Britain to Rome and back again."

The Merchant of Vegas, directed by Michael Wallace

"Take a Gamble on Love: What happens in Venice stays in Venice."

"Shakespeare's Wonderland: An Elizabethan View Through the Looking Glass" a FREE Touring Show. Enjoy this original mash-up of two of your favorite authors: William Shakespeare & Lewis Carroll.


Thank you to all who auditioned. We are delighted to announce the 2016 Skagit River Shakespeare Festival Cast!


Posthumus - James Brown

Imogen - Caroline Rensel

Cymbeline - Trey Hatch

Queen/Jupiter - Glynna Goff

Cloten - Jesse Collins

Pisania - Tess Nakaishi

Cornelia/Jailer - Beth Salmon Greatorex

Belaria - Carolyn Travis Hatch

Guideria - Jesse Spangler

Arviraga - Gilly Kellher

Iachimo - Glen Nelson Bristow

First Lady/Soothsayer - Elizabeth Lundquist

Helen - Seanna Faley

Caius Lucius/Filario - Sam Schlobaum

Apparition of the Matron/Tribune - Sylvia Clegg (selected dates)



Antonia - Carolyn Travis Hatch

Bassiano - John Metcalf 

Lorenzo - Danny Herter

Shylock - Glen Nelson Bristow

Tubal / Duke -  Trey Hatch

Launcelot Gobbo - James Brown

Portia – Lydia Randall

Nerrisa - Jessie Spengler 

Jessica -  Tess Nakaishi

Gratiano – Sam Schlobohm

Gaoler/Bathazar – Dale Asplund

Salerio – Ryan Lineman

Morroco/Aragon – Leon Charbonneau



Alice – Claire Andrews

Narrator – Eal Lundquist

Bill – Trey Hatch

Louie – John Metcalf

Mistress Quickly – Carloyn Travis

Apothecary/Starveling/Touchstone – Devon Breuer

Ophelia/Viola – Lydia Randall

Lady MacBeth/Snug/Dogberry – Jaime Mastromonica

Hamlet/Feste – Bjorn Whitney

Polonius/Flute/Levatch – Danny Herter

Quince/Puck – Caroline Rensel

King Richard III/Bottom – James Brown

Margaret – Glynna Goff/US - Zoe Pettigrew





Shakespeare Northwest


“Outdoors and under the stars, the way it was meant to be.”

Shakespeare Northwest, the premier
 Shakespeare company in the Skagit 
Valley since 2000, annually brings a
 variety of Shakespeare’s works to life
 with a professional level cast. We perform under the stars at our outdoor venue, The Rexville-Blackrock
Amphitheatre. In addition, The
 Summer Touring Show travels to a variety 
of outdoor venues.

Our capstone
 event is “Ironman” where we bring the season’s talent together for a full day of Shakespeare – with two full productions plus additional entertainment.

The caliber of acting within Shakespeare Northwest draws audience members from British Columbia to Oregon and from the San Juan Islands to Eastern Washington. The acting talent, drawn primarily from the Skagit Valley, also comes from Bellingham, Seattle and many points in-between. The majority of our actors are seasoned veterans, but each season we gather in new players and in the past few years have included several talented youth in our shows.

1500 A East College Way
PMB 502
Mount Vernon