Ironman: A Midsummers Night's Dream, Once Upon A Shakespeare and Twelfth Night


A Midsummers Night's Dream: Ah, young love! Festivities are nigh as Hippolyta and Theseus prepare to marry. The townsfolk prepare performances for the royal celebration. Hermia loves Lysander, despite her father insisting she marry Demetrius, who is loved by Helena. Meanwhile, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, has taken in an infant prince after his mothers untimely death. However, the Fairy King, Oberon, wishes to have him as one of his order! In his jealousy, he uses a magic flower to cause Titania to fall in love with the first creature she sees upon waking up. Join us in the mystical woods to discover what comedic chaos ensues in A Midsummers Nights Dream!

Our 2019 "Shakespeare In The Park" production of Once Upon a Shakespearean Tale.
Have you ever wondered, What if William Shakespeare had written childrens stories? Sure, we all have. Well, wonder no more, friends! We have taken three fairy tales from around the world and combined them with some of the Bards finest plays to create Once Upon a Shakespearean Tale, a fun collection of clever cautionary tales, with a couple original fables and a few remastered nursery rhymes thrown into the mix. So, join us as we cater to little big kid inside you with Once Upon a Shakespearean Tale.

Twelfth Night: Twelfth Night is William Shakespeares comedy about a poetry loving girl who survives a shipwreck, disguises herself as a man, and ends up in the middle of a rather peculiar love triangle.


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