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LEAR - Leon Charbonneau

GONERIL - Carolyn Travis

REGAN - Glynna Goff

CORDELIA - Andreya Pro

FOOL - Duncan Ring

EDMUND - Bjorn Whitney

EDGAR - James Faley... Read more

  • All performances take place in the amphitheatre – not in the Rexville Grange building (that is reserved for the actors). Look for the pathway that leads to a gate and proceed through it. You’ll find the friendly Front of House...Read more

  • Plan to arrive between 6-6:30pm for evening performances (the amphitheatre opens around 6:30pm). Performances begin at 7:00pm. Matinees are at 4:00pm, so plan to arrive between 3-3:30pm.Read more

  • No, we’ve fortunately been performing outdoors at a former rock quarry, the beautiful Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre, for the past six years....Read more

  • Our address is 19299 Rexville Grange Rd. We’re just off Best Rd. near the Rexville Grocery Store and on the grounds of the Rexville Grange....Read more

  • Shakespeare Northwest is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit in Washington State. Donors may deduct contributions to Shakespeare Northwest. Shakespeare Northwest is allowed to accept donations, grants, bequests, devises and... Read more

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  • Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre
    19299 Rexville Grange Road
    Mount Vernon, WA
    See map: ... Read more

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    Here are a few suggested resources to help you explore and navigate the fascinating world of William Shakespeare.


    http... Read more

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    Have you thought of asking your employer if they have a matching gift program? It’s another great way to contribute to our small but lively theater company.

    Here’s a link to the ... Read more

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    2018- current Season

    'King Lear' directed by Trey Hatch

    'Titus Andronicus' directed by Bjorn Whitney

    'to be named Shakespeare in the Parks show' written & directed by Carolyn... Read more